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About MNO Chicago

A clear sign of the times are empty clubs that once rocked. Bands now have to get used to repeatedly playing to the club staff because more and more people are staying home. Face it, it is easier to stay home!

As a band alone we are being defeated; as musicians united together we can make the local scene what it used to be.

And the effort is easy, inexpensive and within all of our command.

  • Let your fan base know about other bands that you consider worth seeing by relaying the website and then mention them on your site as a band that you like to go see. The only caveat is that it cannot be the same bands. You should always mention someone different.
  • Open your stage up to an opening act. Allow 30-45 minutes for an opening act. It’s how it was done sometime ago. Remember Luigi’s in Chicago Heights?
  • This is crucial…On your weekends off go and see other bands. Do onto others! Go see bands you are not sure of, or maybe you just heard of. This will benefit you in two ways:
    • If you consider that there are about 1000 bands between Valpo to RAWKford with an average of 4 people in each band, that’s 4000 more people going out to see bands that are NOT going out now!. This will give a new or an up-and-coming or a reformed band the exposure they could use and the club a shot of adrenaline it needs. Those bands will reciprocate and tell their fans about your band.
    • By you going out, and telling your fans where you will be going, then they might go just because you will be there. You may get a couple of free drinks, you will be networking with new musicians, which never hurts, and your fans will get to listen to other good bands. You will not run the risk of losing your fan base because of the idea of reciprocation…others will come out to see you and bring their fans. You have the time, please make the time.

These ideas stand for cover bands as well as original bands. It stands for country bands as well as punk bands. And yes, it stands for suburban bands as well as city bands. These ideas go for the more accomplished bands as well as the young bands. Accomplished bands, you can always use a new audience. Young bands, your future may depend on it!


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