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MNO Database Selection Process

How i original built the MLM database for MNO Chicago:

The selection process went like this. I did a search on a few websites and looked at which one had a more diverse, yet complete list of bands. I performed my due diligence (too many years in the legal industry) and checked ALL of the websites. I looked at who site was working, which band is currently in circulation, and who had a standard (non-embedded) email address. I copied the address and the band name and built a database of addresses not governed by anything but alphabetic order. Your status in the local scene was not a factor, the quality or type of site was not a factor. What I did pass on was the MySpace sites. Only because an average fan would not have access to them without building an account.

For the email you have received I built the message first. Then I added my database of address and hid them for your collective privacy. It is not a matter of advertising to each other, nor does it matter what band I am in. Though if you know how, you can find me. I will report, a few bands were disbanding because of low turn out. I also recently found out that clubs are going karaoke/DJ because the bands could not guarantee a decent turnout. And now we are full circle on this subject.

Here is the promise...I will not sell your email address. So don't ask!


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