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TRAVIS D AIGLE: Songwriter, Musician, Guitarist and Singer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jodi Landes   
Friday, 15 August 2014 10:37

Being in High School, most of us focus on what we want to be after we grow up. For Travis Daigle, he is living the dream at only 17! Swiftly he has become a point of interest in Florida’s music scene. Not only does he WOW his friends, but he has managed to capture the attention of legendary guitar wizard Jack Starr (founder of power metal band Jack Starr’s Burning Starr). Since this has happened Travis has founded his own project called RokSlyde. At seventeen I was only dreaming of what it would be like to be a rock and roller so I had to catch up with Travis and find out how he got to be where he is at. Read on to share in his reality.

JL: Travis, how did all this start?

TD: When I was three years old, my uncle Mike was a guitarist and he would bring his guitar over when he would stop by Grandmas, or over to our house in Maine. I instantly fell in love with music. I’d go over and smash on his drum sets and go back to my grandmothers and start playing with pots and pans. By the age of nine my uncle had brought his Telecaster over to my place. I still remember it like it was a few weeks ago.. It had a nice cherry red finish (I currently own it now ever since he passed away a few years ago)... I fell in love once again and was certain that I wanted a guitar for Christmas which was just about a few months away...My parents insisted that I was too young and that I should wait a little longer... I cried my eyes out that night… I  wanted a guitar so bad! A few weeks later I did my own research and found a nice guitar and showed my parents and lo and behold they bought me one for Christmas. I took lessons for a short amount of time maybe for about a year or so….Didn't learn a thing. After moving from Maine to Florida I just sat in my room for hours figuring out scales and pentatonic patterns to better myself. I mainly self taught myself to solo on guitar and play some mean barre’ and power chords.

JL: How did you meet the Wytch Doktor and Jack Starr?

TD: We moved into an apartment complex in Florida and I was sitting by the pool talking to some people who happened to have the same musical taste as myself and my parents. Found out Wytch lived three doors down and we’ve been like family ever since. Wytch has helped me out with every gig I’ve gotten since, and we are currently neighbors.  One day Wytch was doing his research as always and found Jack thru an online site of some sort. He notified me and let me know that we were heading to Steagle’s Pub that night to meet the man (Jack Starr) and possibly play a song or two with him. When we got there we sat down and ordered food. Immediately after that he called me to the stage. I remember playing TUSH by ZZ Top and just wailing on it. Jack was beyond impressed and has been getting me out around Brevard county ever since.

JL: Jack Starr would like to add this comment when asked about Travis Daigle: When I first heard Travis I thought to myself “WTF, how can this young kid who is only 16 be so good. I was shocked and I decided that I would let him jam with us as much as he wanted because people loved him and he brought a lot of intensity and passion to our music. I think that Travis will go very far in music and I can say that every single person that has ever heard him was blown away.”

Since that day in mid August ,Travis has been playing with Jack Starr’s Blues Deville band .

JL: I heard through the grapevine that you are heading into a studio.

TD: Oh yes! After months of playing out, a friend of ours recommended us to a man named Evens Colas out of Palm Bay. He was interested in working with me. So on Super Bowl Sunday we headed down to the studio to record tracks for my song “Without War” which is currently on Sound Cloud and YouTube right now. Evens was completely blown away by my musical talent and song structure. He has been excited to work with me ever since.

JL: What inspires your songs?

TD: Usually its whatever runs through my mind. Whatever comes to mind goes directly to paper... I've sat around and found different ways to write but you just gotta write what you feel and nothing else. but at the same time you have to be writing for the people and not yourself, because the people are the ones who buy your albums and songs. if they cannot relate to it in some shape or form then its no good.

JL: That's very true. How have your parents been thru all this? You’re seventeen, in high school and pretty much are playing out with a world renowned rock star… and on your way to being one yourself.

TD: I honestly couldn't ask for anything more from my parents... they have supported me through EVERYTHING - drove my ass all around town, bought some of the best sounding stuff and have been there since the beginning.

To find out more about Travis Daigle visit the following sites:


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