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Infernal Machine: An Extreme Netherworld Of Music PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jodi Landes   
Thursday, 21 August 2014 14:42

Never before in all my years of hanging around with bands at their practice spots have I met a band that immediately has blown me out of my seat with an opening number.  'We're not even warmed up yet.' Stated guitarist Chris. 'WOW' was all I could think. If this wasn't the real deal....brace yourself. Infernal Machine is an electrocution of excellence and a product of pure genius. As I held on to my seat each song became more intriguing then the next. This is what Chicago has been crying for when it comes to original music. Once this band gets out be prepared: for they will be unstoppable.

Each member of the band unleashes inner beasts that will captivate true progressive metal fans while ripping off their heads leaving them hungering for more. Steven Reimer (vocalist, ) shows no restraint as his pipes soar into the atmosphere. Guitarist Chris Shelton delivers hammering licks, bassist Tony Gora adds  deep  well oiled chords while mad man drummer Joe Schaeffer  delivers drum beats packed with pulse and drive.

Each melody and lyric will carry the listener to infinite and beyond. There is nothing out there in Chicago like these guys! This band is so intense and on fire nothing will be able to extinguish their flame.

So be prepared Chicago! Infernal machine will infect you to the point where a measly hour dose can't cure.

Debut show: Sept.20 2014 Bobby McGee's 103rd and Harlem in Chicago Ridge


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